The Australian Health Care Reform Alliance (AHCRA) is a coalition of 46 organisations representing consumers and health care providers advocating for a fairer and more effective health care system.

There are major problems with Australia’s health care system at the moment but it is quite possible to make changes which will see Australia confidently meet the health care needs of its citizens in the 21st century. Australia’s healthcare system needs reform.

The aim of the Alliance is to convince the Australian people and their elected representatives that health care reform is necessary and desirable.

Significant progress has been made. With the election of a new Government in 2007, we have witnessed the establishment a National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission to develop a long term health reform plan and immediate initiatives to broaden the health care agreements between the Commonwealth and the States.

Why Health Reform?

The key problems with the health system are:

  • The health gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians
  • Many Australians cannot access health care when and where they need it
  • A chronic shortage of doctors, nurses and other health professionals
  • Insufficient focus on prevention and primary care
  • The inefficient allocation of resources caused by the current State / Commonwealth funding structure.

To find out more, click here to find out about the History of AHCRA, its Principles and Priorities.

AHCRA has also commissioned a Short Film About Health Reform, which you can view by clicking here


AHCRA’s constitution was adopted by members in 2007.

Please click here to read AHCRA’S Constitution.

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