Executive And Member Organisations

The current Executive comprises the following members:

The election of the AHCRA Executive was held in July 2016. The Executive is elected for a two year period.

Consumer organisations

Margaret Brown (Health Consumers of Rural and Remote Australia)
Tessa Boyd-Cain (Australian Council of Social Service)

Health professional organisations

Ray Bange (Co-opted member)
Annette Panzera (Catholic Health Australia)
Amanda Davies (Australian College of Nurse Practitioners)
Tim Woodruff (Doctors Reform Society)
Vanessa Lee (Public Health Association of Australia)
Christine Walker (Chronic Illness Alliance)
John Bruning (Australian and New Zealand College of Paramedicine)
Sebastian Rosenberg (Co-opted member)

Rural organisations

Bruce Simmons (nominated by National Rural Health Alliance)

Chair and Media Spokesperson

Jennifer Doggett 0403 325 980

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The following organisations are members of the Alliance.

Allied Health Professions Australia

Website: http://www.ahpa.com.au

Audiology Australia

Website: http://www.audiology.asn.au

Australian and New Zealand College of Paramedicine

Website: https://www.anzcp.org.au/

Australian College of Mental Health Nurses

Website: http://www.acmhn.org

Australian College of Nurse Practitioners

Website: https://acnp.org.au

Australian Council of Social Service

Website: http://www.acoss.org.au

Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations

Website: http://www.afao.org.au

Australian Health Promotion Association

Website: http://www.healthpromotion.org.au

Australian Primary Healthcare Nurses Association

Website: http://www.apna.asn.au

Australian Society of Physician Assistants

Website: http://www.aspa-australianpas.org/

Catholic Health Australia

Website: http://www.cha.org.au

Chronic Illness Alliance

Website: https://www.chronicillness.org.au/

Continence Foundation of Australia

Website: http://www.continence.org.au

Doctors Reform Society

Website: http://www.drs.org.au

Health Care Consumers’ Association (ACT)

Website: http://www.hcca.org.au

Health Consumers Action Group WA

Health Consumers Council

Website: http://www.hconc.org.au/

Health Consumers Network

Health Issues Centre

Website: http://www.healthissuescentre.org.au

National Rural Health Alliance

Website: http://www.nrha.org.au

Paramedics Australasia

Website: http://www.paramedics.org

Public Health Association of Australia

Website: http://www.phaa.net.au