AHCRA Achievements


AHCRA has actively advocated for a better and fairer health system via the media and through targeted health-related publications.  AHCRA regularly releases media statements on health issues, including health reform, dental care, population health issues and other key topics. AHCRA representatives are frequently contacted by the media for comments and have appeared in print, radio and television coverage of health issues.  AHCRA representatives also speak regularly at key health conferences and events to promote ACHRA’s objectives.

For more information on AHCRA’s advocacy activities go to media releases


AHCRA has successfully campaigned for major changes to the Australian health system, both independently and in collaboration with other stakeholders.  In 2011-12, AHCRA collaborated with the other members of the Oral Health Alliance to advocate for significant changes to the dental care system. The AHCRA Chair, Tony McBride, was appointed to the National Advisory Council on Dental Health, along with several other AHCRA members in their own right. This led to the Federal Government, in conjunction with the Greens, announcing a radical investment and restructuring of funding for children’s’ and adult dental health care across Australia. Almost all States, at May 2013, had signed up to this change.

We are continuing to campaign to build on this success to push for an eventual universal dental system for all Australians.

We also support the Close the Gap campaign to reduce the current health gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.  AHCRA is also a member of the new Social Determinants of Health Alliance (sdoha.org.au).

For more information on AHCRA’s campaign activities go to Background Briefing Papers


AHCRA undertakes regular lobbying of key parliamentarians on health issues.  Approximately twice a year (depending on the electoral cycle) AHCRA takes a delegation of the Executive to Parliament House to meet with parliamentarians from all political parties to present AHCRA’s proposals for health reform.  These meetings have established ongoing and productive relationships between ACHRA and a number of parliamentary representatives which support AHCRA in influencing the political process.

AHCRA also provides submissions to Senate Inquiries into key health issues and legislation, for example, the recent inquiry into hospital funding arrangements.

For copies of ACHRA’s submissions into Senate Inquiries and other consultation processes go to Key Documents


AHCRA holds a biennial Summit which brings AHCRA members together with leading health experts to discuss and debate ACHRA’s agenda for the following two years. The 2012 Summit was opened by Minister for Health Tania Plibersek and focussed on progress of the health reform agenda.  Speakers at the Summit included Associate Professor Gawaine Powell-Davies, Professor Stephen Duckett and Professor Fran Baum.

For more information on AHCRA’s Summits go to Summit


AHCRA has produced a number of resources on health reform issues, including policy background papers, submissions, policy analyses and reports of specific events and consultation processes.  Key recent documents include a report analysing progress of the health reform agenda against criteria based on AHCRA’s principles and a series of background briefing papers on current priority issues.  AHCRA’s resources are developed with input from its membership and are informed by the experience of members working in all sectors of the health system.

For more information on AHCRA’s resources go to Background Briefing Papers

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