About us

The Australian Health Care Reform Alliance (AHCRA) is a coalition of individuals and organisations working to improve health care in Australia. While some areas of the current health system perform well, overall it does not deliver optimum care in an equitable and efficient way. AHCRA believes that our health system needs fundamental reform in order to meet our future health care needs. We need to focus more on promoting health and wellbeing, rather than just treating disease. This means more effort put into prevention and into creating healthy environments and communities.

We need to stop funding low value care and inefficient programs. This will enable us to support policies and programs that deliver high quality, person-centered and efficient health care. We need to improve health outcomes for groups that currently miss out on their fair share of health care, including Indigenous Australians, people in rural areas, people with mental illnesses and people on low incomes.

AHCRA is calling for some major changes to our health system to make it fairer, more efficient and more consumer-focussed.

Please consider joining AHCRA and working with us to advocate for these changes and for a healthier future for all Australians

Become an Organisational Member

The AHCRA Executive is the volunteer management body of the Alliance selected by the Member Organisations of AHCRA.

If your organisation would like to become a member of AHCRA complete the AHCRA Organisational Membership Form and return it by fax or email for consideration by the AHCRA Executive.

Become an Individual Member

If you would like to become an Individual Member of AHCRA  you can use the below online forms

                           Join with EFT payment

alternatively there is a downloadable Membership Form that can be returned by email to

Membership fees:  $16.50 for those on a low or no income, $33 for middle income earners, $66 for high income earners.  Membership is for a calendar year.  Join for 2022 now.