The current Executive comprises the following members:

Consumer organisations

Christine Walker (Chronic Illness Alliance)
Ray Bange

Health professional organisations

Tim Woodruff (Doctors Reform Society)

Rural organisations

Bruce Simmons (nominated by National Rural Health Alliance)

Co-opted member

Richard Brightwell

Chair and Media Spokesperson

Tim Woodruff 0401 042 619


Current Executive Members


TIM WOODRUFF (A/g Chair and Media Spokesperson)

Tim Woodruff is President of the Doctors Reform Society and has been involved in AHCRA since its first summit, and has been on the Executive since its formation. The Doctors Reform Society is a collection of doctors and medical students whose prime purpose is to support health care reforms which ‘ensure justice, equity and quality care for all regardless of social or economic status’. It formed to advocate for universal health care when the introduction of Medibank, the forerunner of Medicare, was being vigorously opposed by the Australian branch of the British Medical Society, now the AMA.

Dr Woodruff is a Tasmanian born and bred specialist physician working in private practice in the field of rheumatology in Melbourne. He is the father of two girls and husband of one, a bushwalker, bird watcher, and novice kayaker.


Bruce Simmons has recently retired as a dentist manager with the Northern Territory Oral Health Service in Alice Springs. He enjoyed a career focussed on public health dentistry and Indigenous health care combined with a strong interest in public policy and advocacy.
Current Appointed positions:

  • Member of AHCRA Executive Committee nominated by the National Rural Health Alliance
  • National Convenor of Oral Health Special Interest Group of PHAA
  • Member of the National Oral Health Alliance committee
  • Member of the Oral Health Working Group of the World Federation of Public Health Associations
  • Member of the Strategic Advisory Committee of the Australian Dental Council
  • Convenor of Alice Springs Community Garden


Ray Bange is a widely experienced policy consultant, corporate strategist and communicator with an abiding interest in healthcare policy and community engagement. Ray’s career has encompassed senior executive roles in academia and in the public and private sectors in Australia and Hong Kong. A former Vice President of the Council of Professions, Queensland, he has had a long association with educational and professional activities at local, state and national levels.

Ray’s policy views and powerful advocacy have been shaped by his in-depth research of healthcare issues, broad operational experience and the input provided by his close relationship with individual consumers, health practitioners and their professional societies. Ray currently holds an appointment as Adjunct Associate Professor within the School of Medical and Applied Sciences at the Central Queensland University.


Christine Walker is Executive Officer of the Chronic Illness Alliance Inc., an Australian peak body representing more than 50 consumer and advocacy organisations for people with chronic illness.

The aim of the Alliance is to build a better focus in health policy and health services for all people with chronic illness. The Alliance achieves this through research and educational activities, often in cooperation with universities. Dr Walker has researched and published extensively on self-management in chronic diseases as well as consumer participation in health services. She is a member of the Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Health Care Primary Care Subcommittee, a member of the Community Consultative Committee of Medicare Australia and a board member of NPS MedicineWise.