Past Summit

2018 Summit

8th National Health Reform Summit

‘Equity, Efficiency and Sustainability’
26 – 27 March 2018

Hotel Pavilion, Northbourne Avenue, Canberra, ACT

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2016 Summit

7th National Health Reform Summit

The 7th National Health Reform Summit will be held on 9 February 2016 at the Pavilion Hotel, 242 Northbourne Avenue, Canberra.

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Download the 2016 Summit program here

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2014 Summit

The Australian Health Care Reform Alliance held its 7th National Health Reform Summit
on 15-16 July 2014 at The Brassey Hotel in Canberra.

2014 Summit Communique, Presentations and Program

2014 Summit Communique
2014 Summit Presentations
2014 Summit Program

The Social Determinants of Health Research Forum

The Social Determinants of Health Research Forum was held in conjunction with the 2014 AHCRA National Health Reform Summit.

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2012 Summit

2012 National Health Reform Summit: the long and winding road

Day 1 – Health Reform

The ACHRA Summit brought members and key stakeholders together for two days of stimulating and vigorous discussion about the future of health reform in Australia. The first day covered the overall health reform agenda and the second focussed on oral health issues. A summary of the main sessions is following.

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2009 Summit

Interview of Dr Paul McCormack by ABC Life Matters: To access the podcast of the Dr McCormack, please visit the ABC website

Professionals and consumers agree on key health reforms: Media Release Post AHCRA Summit (5 March 2009)

Concerns mount over private health insurance subsidies: Media Release 2009 AHCRA Summit Day One

Please click here  to access speakers’ presentations from Day 1, Day 2 and to access the speech by Minister Roxon.

Funding emerges as key issue of health reform summit: Pre-Summit Media Release 2009

2007 Summit

Projects – AHCRA Summit 07

National Summit on Reform in the Australian Health Sector

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2005 Summit

The 2005 Conference

The 2005 Conference was held in South Australia with 70 delegates participating, along with a number of invited experts. AHCRA had invited all Australian Health Ministers to attend on the second datt and four of them, including the Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott, as well as senior advisors from other states, attended and heard AHCRA’s position on the need for health reform in Australia and key strategies to achieve a more effective, efficient and equitable health system for the future.

2003 Summit

The Inaugural 2003 Conference

In August of 2003 the Alliance staged a major conference to examine a raft of reform issues with the countries leading experts in the areas explored assisting an all invited sophisticated audience create a communiqué that represents a manifesto of what the Alliance stands for. The conference was politicised when it was boycotted by the then Federal Minister for Health but attended by a number of health ministers and then Premier of NSW Bob Carr. The conference received wide and supportive media coverage. On the last day the almost 300 delegates marched from Old Parliament House up the hill to the new Parliament building and presented the communiqué to politicians from all parties. Delegates promised to hold a second conference in two years to assess what progress had been made in implementing the policies advocated.

Summit Papers and Communiques

Communique 2008: Improving Australian Health Care Agreements
Report to COAG 2005
Summit 2003 Communique: Old Parliament House Blueprint for Reform