Briefing Papers

Submission on COVID-19 – June 2020

AHCRA’s submission to the Senate Select Committee on COVID-19.

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Analysis of National Health Reform to-date against AHCRA’s key principles for reform – February 2013

This document analyses the progress of the health reform agenda against six key criteria, developed from AHCRA’s key principles, as follows: Does the new policy and funding mechanism/initiative:

  • create positive permanent changes to what health care was provided (not just more of same)
  • increase effective preventive effort / early intervention and better integrated multi-disciplinary primary health care
  • improve equitable access to health care, especially primary health care
  • ensure stronger consumer, carer and community engagement in both care and planning
  • increase efficiency of use of resources and workforce
  • create a more rational split of responsibilities between governments.

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Briefing papers

AHCRA has developed a series of five briefing papers on key health reform issues. Each paper provides a general overview of the issue and outlines the main ways in which it is being addressed through the health reform process. The briefing papers were prepared by the AHCRA Executive with input from members and can be downloaded and used as an information resource on the health reform process.

Oral Health

AHCRA’s position AHCRA considers that the current inequalities in access to health care are unacceptable and that the Government should work towards a universal dental scheme. AHCRA Chair was appointed to the National Advisory Council on Dental Health in September 2011 and has advocated for this position within the Council. See media releases for more on AHCRA’s position on this. Perspectives on future oral health careThe April 2012 edition of Health Voices, the journal of Consumers Health Forum, was devoted to oral health care. It included a range of articles from different perspectives and gives a good overview of the glaring need for dental care reform. The edition includes articles by AHCRA and an AHCRA member:

  • Tony McBride (Chair, AHCRA), Bringing dental care in from the cold argues for dental care to be brought into mainstream primary health care, rather than sitting on the margins of the system as it tends to currently.
  • Cassandra Goldie (Executive Director, ACOSS), Dental care for the children and adults in greatest need

You can access the whole edition at here National Oral Health Alliance AHCRA is a member of the National Oral Health Alliance which is campaigning to improve the poor state of oral health in Australia. The main aims of the Alliance are outlined in a Joint Statement which sets out the commitments the group is seeking from all political parties for direct and effective action to address the key priorities in dental and oral health. The Alliance has also developed a 5-step plan to address the current problems with oral health in Australia. It has written to all political parties urging them to adopt the REPAIR proposal as a way to improve investment in better oral health and to emphasise prevention while providing a meaningful response to immediate problems. The REPAIR proposal provides the building blocks for meeting the needs of over 30% of Australians who currently indicate that they go without regular dental care due to cost, unavailability of services and other barriers.

Indigenous health

The Australian Health Care Reform Alliance supports the campaign to Close the Gap in life expectancy between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. You can read and download the NACCHO Health Equality Plan and the AHCRA Statement by clicking on the relevant links in the sidebar.