2003 Summit

The Inaugural 2003 Conference

In August of 2003 the Alliance staged a major conference to examine a raft of reform issues with the countries leading experts in the areas explored assisting an all invited sophisticated audience create a communiqué that represents a manifesto of what the Alliance stands for. The conference was politicised when it was boycotted by the then Federal Minister for Health but attended by a number of health ministers and then Premier of NSW Bob Carr. The conference received wide and supportive media coverage. On the last day the almost 300 delegates marched from Old Parliament House up the hill to the new Parliament building and presented the communiqué to politicians from all parties. Delegates promised to hold a second conference in two years to assess what progress had been made in implementing the policies advocated.

Summit Papers and Communiques

Communique 2008: Improving Australian Health Care Agreements
Report to COAG 2005
Summit 2003 Communique: Old Parliament House Blueprint for Reform